Research Resources

Follow the links below to begin your research of your region. If you find a great resource for all the Regions of France, add it to the list below.

Works Cited Resources

Use the links below for help in writing your works cited in MLA Format.

Resources for Embedded Elements

The following resouces could be used to add some pizzazz to your wikispace page. Visit the 'Getting Started' page to learn how to embed them into your space.

Slide Shows - Links to create and to share
  • - Create and share slide shows with your favorite pictures and images.
  • Example:

  • - Upload and share your Power Point presentation. See the Getting Started page for 2 examples.
  • VuVox - Your visual voice. Create and share slideshows with images, videos, and audio.
  • VuVox Example:

Video - Create your own video and then upload to one of these sites

Audio - Create your own and upload