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Your challenge is to investigate, research, discuss, analyze, evaluate and teach information about the Regions of France grouped by geographical regions as shown in the map to the right.

Individually, you will be responsible for becoming an expert on one of the 22 regions of France. You will choose at least 4 of the topics below to research, write and report on. You will also write a short description of your region in French to include on the wiki. You will be responsible for presenting the aspects of your region to the class.

As a team, you will work together with those people who researched the regions grouped in the same geographic region shown in the map. You will collaborate with your group members and together, you will create a wiki page (website) to show what you have discovered about your area of France. The wiki page must include all of the topics below, so you must decide which 4 topics you will report on carefully. Together, you will be responsible for teaching your classmates about your geographic area and the regions within in an attractive lesson, complete with an activity to review the information you presented. You will also work together with your group to select, create, and serve a recipe typical of your area of France.


Geographic Area:


Haute-Normandie (Upper Normandy), Basse-Normandie (Lower Normandy), Nord-Pas-de-Calais (North Calais), Picardie (Picardy)

Bretagne (Brittany), Pays-de-la-Loire (Western Loire Valley), Centre (Central Loire Valley), Poitou-Charentes

Limousine & Dordogne, Auvergne, Ile-de-France (Paris, Isle of France)

Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrénées

Languedoc-Roussillon, Rhône-Alpes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Corse (Corsica)

Alsace, Lorraine, Champagne-Ardenne, Bourgogne (Burgundy), Franche-Compté


  • Geography
  • History
  • Industry
  • Tourism
  • Sports
  • Culture
  • Cuisine
  • Specialties

Inspiration and ideas for this project came from Learninglatinamerica.wikispaces.com, created by Kristin Hokanson.
Image Credit: http://www.selfcatering-hr.co.uk/maps/france.jpg

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