Expectations & Rubrics

General Expectations

Here is a brief overview of what is expected from you for this project:
  • One Region: Research and become an expert of your assigned region, focusing on 4 topics from the list on the home page. You must collaborate with your group members to determine which topics you will be responsible for.
  • French Component: You will include a paragraph of at least 10 sentences about your region in French. There is a topic on the main page's discussion tab about this part of the project with helpful phrases and vocabulary.
  • Wikispace: Help create your group's wikispace with the information that you researched about your topics. Add images, videos, slideshows, music, etc. to make the information as interesting to your classmates as possible. You should view the wikispace as your group's 'encyclopedia' of your geographical region of France.
  • Lesson: Help plan, create and teach your group's geographical region complete with an activity to asses student comprehension of your presentation and material. You can do whatever you'd like for your activity but you must also have an activity in the form of a handout. (fill in blank, crossword, reading with questions, map activity, etc. - discuss the ideas with your group).
  • Discussion: Participate in group and class discussions through the wikispace.
  • Homework: Complete a specific homework task each day.
  • Have fun and be Creative! Use the tools and resources given to liven up your project!

Individual Expectations & Rubrics

Each student will be assessed based on the information outlined below with the use of the Individual Rubric.

Homework: 40 points

Homework is given every day but you can do it ahead of time as long as it is done by the time class starts the next day you will receive credit. All of the assignments listed below are also listed as individual topics on the discussion tab of your group's page. You will complete the assignments in the wiki itself and on the discussion tab.
  • Tuesday, October 2nd- Read at least one website about your region and post 3 interesting things to your group's discussion tab. Based on your research so far, give suggestions for the 4 topics that you want to research. Include the URL of the sites where you found your information. 5 Points
  • Wednesday, October 3rd- Create your Region's section of the wikispace and add essential information and media relevant to your four topics. Continue research and group discussion. 10 points
  • Thursday, October 4th- Post at least two of your sources to the discussion topic, in MLA format. Visit the 'Resources' page to help with format. 5 points
  • Friday, October 5th- Complete and post French paragraph on your section of the wikispace. Use the discussion topic to discuss the French aspects of the paragraph, help each other edit, and give suggestions for model sentences and what to include. 10 points.
  • Monday, October 8th- Discussion about the lesson plan and activity your group will do after you have taught your topics to the class. Use this discussion topic to organize your lesson plan and activity and discuss how it will be created. Post at least one idea and respond to at least one to get credit. Work on presentation and continue work on wiki. 5 points based on discussion involvement
  • Tuesday, October 9th- Use the discussion topic to plan and discuss the presentation. You should post one idea and respond to at least one other idea for credit. Prepare presentation and group activity for your teaching day. 5 points based on discussion involvement

Participation: 30 points

Your participation in this project will be graded based on the following elements:
  • On task in class. You are working on your project, not surfing the web, checking email or talking to friends. 10 points
  • Collaboration with group. You work well with your group members, you participate in group discussions and you provide essential content to the project. 10 points
  • Alert during presentations. You are engaged in the lessons taught by your peers and you do not sleep, talk or do other work while others present. 10 points

Group Expectations & Rubrics

Group Teaching Lesson: 90 points

Your Lesson Plan, Content and Teaching will be evaluated based on the following elements:
  • Lesson Plan(s): 40 points. Typed plans that follow the Lesson Plan Rubric Template.
    • Plans should meet the objectives and provide students the tools to answer the essential questions.
    • Do not put on wiki but print out and hand in. The template above is a Word document so you can just click, edit and save.
    • Typed, printed, and due the day you teach.

  • Lesson Presentation: 50 points. Group knows topic and plan, students can answer essential questions. Your group's lesson presentation will be evaluated based on the following elements on the Teaching Rubric.
    • Preparedness
    • Communication
    • Content
    • Wiki & Technology Integration
    • Success

Group Wikispace: 50 points

Your group's wikispace will be evaluated based on the following elements on the Wikispace Rubric.
  • Content
  • Content Accuracy
  • Cooperative Work
  • Interest & Quality

Works Cited: 15 points

  • All sources are listed in correct MLA format.
  • At least two sources per person (not including textbook).
  • Posted on the bottom of your group's wikispace.
  • Printed out and handed in the day you teach.

Some of this page's content and rubrics were borrowed from: http://learninglatinamerica.wikispaces.com/Expectations